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iTracker 4.0




Old iTracker v3.5 App Introduction



v3.5 for iOS5

iTracker is the world's most advanced anti-stolen and tracking app for iPhone. It has many powerful and amazing features:

  • Get the phone number of the thief after the loss of iPhone
  • Get the precise location of iPhone anytime and anywhere on earth
  • Real-time and historically track the path of movement
  • Take photo for the background and send back
  • Auto-camera capture the portrait of the thief when he slide and unlock iPhone
  • Hide your personal info (SMS, Contacts, Photos, Videos) when iPhone lost
  • Powerful Remote-Control Features
  • ... ...

iTracker let the thief has no place to hide. With careful use of iTracker you will have good chance of recovering your lost iPhone, and you will keep your individual information out of revelation... ...

Old iTracker v3.5 Download

Method 1 (recommended):

Open Cydia and search keyword: itracker
You will find one or more iTracker app, check it/them and choose the version 3.5 or higer and install it.
(The app from source ModMyi is recommended)


Download method 2:
Download iTracker app from official website, just click the picture left or [Click Here to download].
After download it to PC, you may need iFunBox (or other) tool to install it to your iPhone.

Buy Old iTracker v3.5 Professional License Serial

Buy a professional license for your iTracker, you will be able to use all of the advanced features and online services for ever, you can also upgrade to new version for ever.
The free version can only provide one feature: to send the notification SMS after iPhone lost.

Price of iTracker: US$ 39

Payment method 1: Paypal
Click the picture left to pay by using Paypal. Our website will send you license serial by email automatically within 2 minutes.

iTracker 4.0 Support iPhone5 & iOS6, Now Released!


Old iTracker v3.5 Online Tracking Service

Welcome to use online tracking service, you can tracking the iPhone in real-time and view historical location info of anytime, and view the thief's photos taken by iTracker ... [More Details]

If it's your first time using online service, please click Register to bind your serial and email.

User Email:
Verify Code:

Register Forget Password

You can also click the button below to try the demo online, to learn the powerful online service of anti-lost and tracking ...

Online Service Demo

iTracker on twritter
weibo @iTracker_App
Remote-Control Command List
Remote-Control CMD
Technical Support and Help Documents
Tips and Q&A
Binding old license to new iPhone
iTracker User Manual
Online Tracking Service


iTracker 4.0 Support iPhone5 & iOS6, Now Released!



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